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The symbols of Easter are many and varied, from the crown of thorns and the cross, to the empty tomb, daffodils and Easter eggs.  That’s not so surprising.  Easter covers the deepest anguish of the soul on Maundy Thursday, the cruellest pain and the uttermost loneliness on Good Friday, the saddest separation of Easter Saturday, and the most glorious victory and brightest hope of Easter Sunday.

Perhaps you might be feeling some of those things right now: anguish, physical pain, loneliness, separation?  If so, then know that Jesus has been there too.  Know that He understands how you feel, and be sure that He is near you now.

The Easter message is also one of victory and hope.  Jesus rose from the dead and offers forgiveness, healing, peace and purpose, along with an indescribably wonderful eternal home and life with Him.  All this can be yours in Jesus.

Happy Easter!

[written by Hako Catchatoor]



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