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So we come to the final post of this Easter week series. I pray that you have been blessed and encouraged by them and we close with the glorious news that Christ the Lord is Risen Today – HALLELUJAH!


A time to rejoice that Jesus is alive. The cross is empty. The tomb is empty. Jesus is risen from the dead.  In the words of that hymn ‘Christ the Lord is risen today’, Love’s redeeming work is done. Our glorious King does indeed live again: Hallelujah! May we hail Him today as our resurrected King and give thanks that the grave could not hold Him.

May God bless you this Easter time and may resurrection hope spring in your soul. May you know and experience the truth that the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in you.


From everyone at TIMC, a very Happy Easter to you all.

[written by Stuart Hunter]



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